OCTOBER, 2019 - MARCH, 2020

This feature provides the opportunity for photographers to showcase a portfolio of photographic work prominently in our front gallery flat files. The portfolios are available for patrons of the gallery to view, learn about the photographers and their work, and purchase photographs. Each portfolio consists of 12 - 20 prints in a flat file labeled with the photographers name. To view all of the featured photography portfolios, please visit the gallery.



Evan Simko-Bednarski, Brooklyn, NY;

Marija Orlovic, Wiesbaden, Germany;

Emilija Petrauskiene, Vilnius, Lithuania;

Kemachat Sirichanvimol, Land O'Lakes, FL;

Rebecca Zeiss, Midland, MI.

Evan Simko-Bednarski

"Bag, Duram, NC" from "Lay Theologies"

Archival Inkjet Print

20" X 16"


$ 400

"Lay Theologies" is an inversion of photography's standard road-trip narrative, focused on the impossibility of coming home again. The work began nearly two years ago with the birth of Evan's son and a subsequent month-long road trip with his son by his side. The series has subsequently been made across several more road trips, and visits to his hometown of New Jersey. The work explores the connection between identity and place, freedom and responsibility.

Made with the eyes of a new father, the work presents the world as he was made to see it: rich with the intersitial details that make our world open to -- and potentially devoid -- of meaning.

The portfolio of work is made with a Mamiya RZ67 medium format camera on color negative film.

Evan Simko-Bednarski (b. 1985, Jersey City) is a documentary and fine art photographer. Trined in photojournalism, Evan works in both analog and digital processes. His work has appeared in the "Oxford American", "The Nation", and "The Atlantic", among others. Evan was recently recognized as part of the "Click! Photo Festival" (Durham) Class of 2018.

Emilija Petrauskiene

"Tulip Libretto Parrot II"

Lith Print on Silver Gelatin Paper, Selenium and Gold Toned

Edition of 2

12" X 9 1/2"


$ 300

Marija Orlovic

"Landscape Austria 01, Unique"

16" X 20"


$ 1,200

In Orlovic's pictures she wants to depict the emotional state of experiencing the beautiful. The experience of the beautiful has something magical, something you can feel, but what you cannot grasp, something that makes you overwhelmed and dreaming, something that makes everything easy. It is the eternity of the universe that resonates in this overwhelming experience. For her it is "to enjoy beauty is to enjoy eternity".

Each final picture is based upon a photograph taken by her. Landscapes and collages are her favorite motif and her preferred form of expression. With various computer programs, she edits her photographs into pictures that visualize her perception. For example, when she returned from a trip in the southwestern United States and looked at the photographs taken at home in Germany, she was quite disappointed because the photographs did not convey what she felt when she recorded them. The photos showed red-brown, eddly shaped stones and a cloudless, blue sky. But, after several days in San Francisco, Los Angeles, Las Vegas and Phoenix, she could see the landscapes in and around the National Parks with different eyes. Her colorful American landscapes express how she experienced these landscapes: a dynamic, colorful, wildly beautiful America that thrilled her.

Her digital artwork is on the one hand pure photography and on the other hand image interpretations of her perception. With her camera she searches for traces of untouchedness, originality and innocence in nature. A JPEG is the result of her work as an artist - "the original". Orlovic works digitally because she thinks digital technology is a contempoary means of expression.

Marija Orlovic had a late entry into art. She has been studying art all her life but only private, just for her. When she retired in 2014, she decided to go through her works, sort them, and make them available to the public. She applied for the 2017 Leipzig Art Fair and was admitted. In 2018 she applied to various online galleries, especially in the U.S., a total of 11 galleries have exhibited a total of 30 of her works and she has received a total of 9 certificates, including honorable mention, special merit and special regonition awards. She is an artist at Saatchi Art, and has been active in exhibiting in 2019 and has been published in magazines.

Dr. Marija Orlovic has two home countries, Croatia, where she was born in 1949, and Germany. She came to Mainz, Germany in 1973 with a scholarship from the German Academic Exchange Service. At the Johannes Gutenberg University, Orlovic did her docorate studies in 1977 with linguistic work. She has lived in Wiesbaden since 1978 and has been a German citizen since 1984. In addition, she was a member of the parliament of the state capital Wiesbaden for twelve years.

"It is beautiful to belong to two countries and to a great continent - Europe."

Orlovic has not forgotten her Croatian homeland, on the contrary. She personally looked after her parents who lived there. She also helped wherever she could when Croatia was attacked by Serbia. Among other things, she organized the largest supply of emergency technical goods for the cities of Dubrovnik and Zadar: mobile emergency generators, trucks, mobile water treatment, tools, etc... For this, Dr. Orlovic received the highest Croatian medal for foreigners from the Cratian President. In 2009, Dr. Orlovic founded the Stifterverband für deutschen Wissenschaft "Dr. Marija Orlovic Foundation for Medical Research". Every year the foundation funds projects from the "Orlovic Young Fund for Innovative Cardiology" with the participation of the German Cardiac Society.

Kemachat Sirichanvimol

"No Playing" from "What May Come"

Archival Pigment Print

19" X 14"


$ 210

It is arguable that we are facing the greatest social and environmental challenges of our time. The balance between ecologies is being disrupted by human development oon an unprecedented scale in recorded history. "What May Come" explores the intersection between modern human development and ecological change. "What May Come" calls into question policies that are the result of financial, political, and social inequalities that have tragic consequences, often affecting communities that are the least equipped to deal with them. The scope of Kemachat's work identifies the human factors at play by historically documenting current issues while conceptually foretelling a foreboding future.

Raised on the shores of Long Island, New York, Kemachat has witnessed first hand the devastating results of hurricanes that have increasingly strengthened by climate change. With a passion for the eco-socialism, the environment, and a deep sense of empathy for communities that have been adversely affected by climate change, Kemachat has traveled and worked on "What May Come" for two years, and has produced a series of images that captures your visual attention while informing about complex social ecological issues. Kemachat Sirichanvimol received his Master of Fine Arts from the Savannah College of Art and Design. He had his first solo exhibition in 2019 at the Garcia I Wilburn Gallery of Atlanta, and has exhibited at The Center For Fine Art Photography in Colorado, and at the Savannah College of Art and Design in connection to the "Atlanta Celebrates Photography Festival" in 2017 and 2018.

Rebecca Zeiss

"Solace VIII" from "Seeking Solace"

Inkjet Print on Torchon - Hahnemühle embossed Bergger Cotton Rag

8" X 7" on 14" X 14" paper


$ 300

"Seeking Solace" has evolved from a previous project which Zeiss was working on as a cathartic exercise called "In Search of Forgiveness". The premise of that project was to ask participants to bring objects that were special to them and we would collaboratively invent the look of the images. During the course of the "Search for Forgiveness" project she discovered that often, but not always, people would share their storeis connected with their objects. The participants sharing their thoughts would evolve into a sense of healing and "Seeking Solace" was born. So Far, the project has been all women but she is open to anyone who wishes to participate. Zeiss continues to work on this project and often participants find her who have heard of the project. She invites them to share or not share their stories in hope that spending some time together may bring them some comfort or consolation in times of sadness, distress, or grief. Al participants understand that the art images that are created from their session will become part of the collective collection of "Seeking Solace".

Rebecca Zeiss studied painting and drawing originally at the University of Michigan's School of Art where she had the opportunity to study photography under Phil Davis and shifted the focus of her work. At Central Michigan University she continued to research photography as a tactile form incorporating alternative processes with painting and printmaking into the work and exploring the surfaces created by the mixing of the media. Her work ranges from elongated translucent vertical images on kozo and silk materials to small intimate images often referencing dreamlike visions. Many of her images include domestic space and reconsider the child experience. Her work is included in private coillections, museums, university and corporate collections.