The Focus Wall is a  call for submissions that is providing the focus of a public art presence largely featured as a billboard type of art piece mounted outdoors on the side of the brick and mortar MWCP building. The Focus Wall is an outstanding platform to make a statement with powerful work that will be highly visable for viewers to experience as they pass by in the city while driving or walking past the building on the sidewalk. The Focus Wall provides the opportunity for one selected photographer to showcase a photographic work prominently at the Midwest Center for Photography, the work is featured on the Focus Wall for a period of three months. The Focus Wall also provides an online component for patrons of the gallery to go online and view, learn about the artist and the work through images and biography and artist statement, and have the opportunity to purchase photographs.

This highly prestigous opportunity has selected Amy Anderson as the one photographer that we will all focus on - on the Focus Wall.


2020 has been a year like no other. We have all been deeply impacted by isolation and unrest. Creating work as an artist in this new world has been a beautiful challenge as well as a life raft to maneuver through Amy Anderson's own experience as a suddenly isolated individual. When the world is out of balance, we as artists can create touchstones that remind us who we are; images that reflect back our ideas and experiences as communities and as individuals. Throughout Amy's work she strives to impact her community by creating authentic portraits that explore the universal themes that connect us as humans. Now, more than ever those connections need to be amplified reminding us that we are one, that there is more that connects us than divides us and that the amplified concept of the “other” can eventually be replaced with curiosity and empathy toward one another.

But in this new, isolated reality how does an artist connect? More importantly how do we engage our communities in meaningful ways that bridge the disorienting loneliness of this collective experience of isolation? How does a collaborative portrait photographer connect when we cannot gather? These are questions around which Amy's current work is forming. Faced with a global pandemic and living at the epicenter of a racial justice awakening Amy is more committed than ever to making art that can encourage the viewer to risk connection; with their community, their neighbors and their own ideas. The problems we are facing are large but in the face of even these she finds value and purpose in creating beautiful images that uplift the viewer and ask the questions that encourage self-reflection. It is Amy's hope these photographs will spark the curiosity that drives us to connection.

Amy Anderson is an award-winning photographer living in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Her work has been exhibited internationally and hangs in local and national galleries and private collections. She has had works acquired by the Museum of Fine Arts, Houston and the Florida Photographic Museum. She has received the prestigious Minnesota State Arts Board grant in 2012 and again in 2018. She is currently working on a new body of portraits which will be exhibited this year in several group shows around the country.

Above image credit: Amy Anderson, Minneapolis, MN

Prints available for purchase: Archival Inkjet Print, 20" X 20", $350