Within the space of the square frame, Charles wants to share with the viewer his exploration of found art on the walls of the New York subway system. Moving in closely, without too much forethought, Charles grabs bits and pieces of the remnants of torn advertising posters and/or the remains of spaces left bare. By exploring shapes, colors, textures, the photos become pictures in the artistic sense, much like abstract paintings or collages. The images emerge by chance, moving the iPhone gingerly over the horizontal plane, stopping to record a color or shape that chatches his eye.

With over forty years experience in graphic design and advertising communications Charles Hively's beginnings were in studio art. Graduating with a degree in fine art from the University of Texas at Austin, Charles was already working in the communication field as an illustrator and designer. He founded his first advertising agency in Austin, Texas followed by a series of art director positions at a number of advertising agencies before founding his second ad agency in Houston, Texas in 1985.  In 1999, he moved to New York and worked at B2B agency until 9/11 before starting a publication focusing on international illustration. In the meantime, Charles began using photography to document his travels in the city, later concentrating on the underground world of subway posters. He has been honored as being included in the Laurence King release "100 Classic Graphic Design Journals" of all-time while his photography was documented in "The Graphic Eye: Photographs by Graphic Designers Around the Globe" by Chronicle Books. Charles is currently design director for Artisanal Media LLC with his partner Sarah Munt.

"Subway Found Art Series", Digital Inkjet Prints, 10" X 10", 2019, $200 each.  

The Focus Wall is a new call for submissions that is providing the focus of a public art presence largely featured as a billboard type of art piece mounted outdoors on the side of the brick and mortar MWCP building. The Focus Wall is an outstanding platform to make a statement with powerful work that will be highly visable for viewers to experience as they pass by in the city while driving or walking past the building on the sidewalk. The Focus Wall provides the opportunity for one selected photographer to showcase a photographic work prominently at the Midwest Center for Photography, the work is featured on the Focus Wall for a period of three months. The Focus Wall also provides an online component for patrons of the gallery to go online and view, learn about the artist and the work through images and biography and artist statement, and have the opportunity to purchase photographs. This highly prestigous opportunity has selected Charles Hively as the one photographer that we will all focus on - on the Focus Wall.