Abstract is where we are all in a sense, living in a shifted context of culture, we find ourselves out of our elements and having to try new things. We are looking at things in a whole different way now and have shifted perspectives looking in an abstract manner. We are seeing things close to us becasue we are not venturing out as far. When our lives are closer to home, we look at things closely. Interesting ways of looking at what is in front of us and finding interest in the details, and it is refreshing to look through our cameras with a purely visual eye capturing design elements and not having to think too critically about what it all means, a way to check out and let a stream of consciousness dictate visual asethetics. Let's look a how we are currently seeing things through the photographs presented in this exhibition.



Gerald Alderman, Syl Arena, Nicole Asselborn, Bruce Berkow, Henry Bortman, Marc Braun, Amy Broderick, Joy Bush, Zachary Busse, Gigi Chung, Dave Closser, Matthew Conboy, Michael Corthell, Nathanael Cox, Robert Crifasi, Dallas Crow, Jason Dailey, James Davis, John Diephouse, Janki Dodiya, Suzette Dushi, Mitch Eckert, Michael Elenko, Mike Eubanks, Jane Feely, Michelle Friars, Ben Garcia, Marita Gootee, Theodore Gordon, Mary Gordon, Erik Hansen, Valerie Haring, Daeton Hebert, Denise Isnor, Demetrio Jereissati, Stephen Jess, Lisa Johnston, Kathryn Jones, Michael Kaskel, Paul Kimmerling, Dianne Kittle, Carolyn Knorr, Diane Kravetz, John Laue, Denise Laurinaitis, Edward Leafe, Elizabeth Lemerande, John Lofflin, Connie Lowell, Michelle Markham, Steven Morton, Maureen Mulhern-White, James Mullen, Diane Nadler, Deborah Ness, Fern Nesson, Rachel Nixon, Wanda Oliver, Sylvia Paret, Meg Porter, Wyatt Roderick Buescher, Robert Sadin, Nick Simko, Todd Stuart, Barney Taxel, Ilya Trofimenko, Cara Lee Wade, Ned Walthall, Natalie Weber, and Frank Zurey.

Gerald Alderman

Syl Arena

Nicole Asselborn

Bruce Berkow

Henry Bortman

Marc Braun

Amy Broderick

Joy Bush

Zachary Busse

Gigi Chung

Matthew Conboy

Dave Closser

Michael Corthell

Nathanael Cox

Dallas Crow

Jason Dailey

James Davis

John Diephouse

Janki Dodiya

Mitch Eckert

Michael Elenko

Mike Eubanks

Jane Feely

Michelle Friars

Ben Garcia

Marita Gootee

Mary Gordon

Erik Hansen

Valerie Haring

Daeton Hebert

Denise Isnor

Demetrio Jereissati

Kathryn Jones

Michael Kaskel

Paul Kimmerling

Dianne Kittle

Carolyn Knorr

Diane Kravetz

John Laue

Denise Laurinaitis

Edward Leafe

John Lofflin

Connie Lowell

Michelle Markham

Steven Morton

Maureen Mulhern-White

James Mullen

Diane Nadler

Deborah Ness

Fern Nesson

Rachel Nixon

Wanda Oliver

Sylvia Paret

Meg Porter

Wyatt Roderick Buescher

Robert Sadin

Nick Simko

Todd Stuart

Barney Taxel

Ilya Trofimenko

Ned Walthall

Natalie Weber

Cara Lee Wade

Frank Zurey

Robert Crifasi

Lisa Johnston

Theodore Gordon

Stephen Jess

Suzette Dushi

Elizabeth Lemerande