APRIL 27 - MAY 11, 2018


Domesticity is a primarily household act, an activity and chore with devotion to family and home life. One in which we do with pleasure to sustain life with the personal characteristics that makes it our own. The building of the family unit, the organization of personal possessions, the nourishment provided from the meals we prepare, and the art of creating a space of comfortable respite is a great necessity of the human condition, of survival. Photographs using domestic subject matter, images of people and places we call home, of family, of shelter, are what make up the images in this exhibition, encompassing a range of approaches from the traditional codes of domesticity to alternative modes of home making.



Lisa Beard,

Woodstock, IL;

Kayla Bersztaitis,

Glen Carbon, IL;

Patty Carroll,

Kansas City, MO;

Sara Cross,

Manlius, NY;

Ashley Czajkowski,

Tempe, AZ;

Rebecca Foley,

St. Joseph, MO;

Katria Foster,

Albany, NY;

Abigail Gunnels,

Poughkeepsie, NY;

Kathleen Hawkes,

Winona, MN;

Elizabeth Herrmann,

St. Petersburg, FL;

Patricia Howard,

Alexandria, VA;

Thomas Ladd,

Providence, RI;

Maureen O'Leary,

New York, NY;

Linda K. Robinson,

Wichita, KS;

Alison Smith,

Carbondale, IL;

Sanh Tran,

Lewisburg, PA;

Katy Tuttle,

Issaquah, WA;

Samantha VanDeman,

Lake Charles, LA;

Morgan Ford Willingham,

Emporia, KS.

Lisa Beard

Kayla Bersztaitis

Patty Carroll

Ashley Czajkowski

Rebecca Foley

Katria Foster

Abigail Gunnels

Kathleen Hawkes

Elizabeth Herrmann

Patricia Howard

Thomas Ladd

Maureen O'Leary

Alison Smith

Sanh Tran

Katy Tuttle

Samantha Van Deman

Morgan Ford Willingham

Sara Cross

Linda K. Robinson