Michael Martin

JUNE 7 - JUNE 28, 2019


The act of caputuring a moment in time through taking a photograph of someone is one of the highest gestures that a person can give. We all have the people in our lives that are important to us personally and also find people who are visually interesting. Documenting the likeness of these people as well as capturing the pure personality of a person through a range of emotional gestures is a phenomenal experience. This exhibition represents the human likeness in all of its forms, whether it is a documentary approach, a snapshot genre, if it is a fashion statement, an editorial statement, or simply a straight forward compositional body study, we are exhibiting the photographs of a wide range of people.



Alice Anderson, Jason Andrescavage, Lisa Bang Hoffman, Kevin Bacher, Bruce Berkow, Lisa Beard, Nancy Stalnaker Bundy, Alexi Berry, Hsuan Chung, Nathan Collins, Ron Cooper, Dallas Crow, Rose Cunningham, Spencer Cunningham, Gwendolyn Davies, Tristan Dennis, Mark Dierker, Sandra Dyas, Dan Farnum, Dan Gemkow, Paula Rae Gibson, Timothy Goins, Ted Gordon, Kelsy Gossett Dennis, Richard Greene, Anna Grevenitis, Meg Griffiths, Javier Guri, Charles Hively, Rion Huffman, David Jensen, Luke Jordan, Nikki Keeton, Micah Kraus, David Lancaster, Connie Lowell, Nicholas Luchenbill, Jennifer Maiotti, Sara Maresca, Michael Martin, Rose Materdomini, Miriam McAuley, Jonna McKone, Sofia Mendez, Josefina Moran, Grant Moxley, Jackson Nichols, Collin Pollard, Marcia Poloski, Irene Rim, Nat Raum, Natalie Weber, Dana West, Don Wolfe and Mitsu Yoshikawa.

Jason Andrescavage

Alice Anderson

Kevin Bacher

Lisa Bang Hoffman

Lisa Beard

Bruce Berkow

Alexi Berry

Nancy Stalnaker Bundy

Nathan Collins

Ron Cooper

Dallas Crow

Rose Cunningham

Spencer Cunningham

Gwendolyn Davies

Tristan Dennis

Mark Dierker

Sandra Dyas

Dan Farnum

Dan Gemkow

Timothy Goins

Paula Rae Gibson

Ted Gordon

Kelsy Gossett Dennis

Richard Greene

Anna Grevenitis

Meg Griffiths

Javier Guri

Hsuan Chung

Rion Huffman

Luke Jordan

David Jensen

Micah Kraus

David Lancaster

Connie Lowell

Nicholas Luchenbill

Jennifer Maiotti

Sara Maresca

Rose Materdomini

Miriam McAuley

Jonna McKone

Sofia Mendez

Josefina Moran

Grant Moxley

Jackson Nichols

Collin Pollard

Marcia Poloski

Irene Rim

Natalie Weber

Dana West

Mitsu Yoshikawa

Charles Hively

Nat Raum

Don Wolfe