Elena Haliczer

Kathleen Hawkes


Impacted by the novel coronavirus, COVID-19, people are focused on staying safe by staying physically distant from other people, sending us into isolation. We have been forced to take a moment to stop, take a look around, and through this uncomfortable experience we have embarked upon a situation that has changed our world. At this time when we are staying at home, isolated, whether with our family or without our family we are seeing life in a new light and different perspective. Some of us have found this to be a time of renewed appreciation for the simple things in life; spending more time cherishing our loved ones, embracing the sights and sounds of nature, and finding that we can get by on what we have right here in our homes. We stay isolated while health care workers bravely risk their lives in the fight against this disease. Many have struggled severely with illness and fear and loss. The global pandemic has affected how we see our life inside our homes, and just outside of our windows. Through necessity and hesitation we venture out if able, although briefly, we see that our world has changed. There are empty spaces, near vacant parking lots, desolate streets, and closed businesses. We come upon an unfarmiliar sight, it is an eerie and unsettling scene, and the vast emptiness is not comforting. Yet as photographers we find this visual scene one that calls upon us to go to our cameras for instinctual image making of this historic situation, documenting this time as one that we have not seen before in our lifetimes. Self-expression and emotive healing through photography is vital. This online exhibition will provide a platform for us to show how this unprecedented time has affected us, and the photographs will hopefully provide comfort that we are not alone during this trying experience.



Nikyra Capson,

Pocatello, ID;

Jo Ann Chaus,

Edgewater, NJ;

Karen Commings,

Harrisburg, PA;

Gwendolyn Davies,

Rochester, NY;

James Davis,

Fairfield, IA;

Jane Feely,

Highland Park, IL;

Alexa Frangos,

Wilmette, IL;

Jeanne Garrett,

Arlington Heights, IL;

Nancy Goodrich,

Portland, CT;

Elena Haliczer,

DeKalb, IL;

Kathleen Hawkes,

Winona, MN;

Pato Hebert,

New York, NY;

Sharon Heitzenroder,

Honolulu, HI;

Charles Hively,

Brooklyn, NY;

Cathy Immordino,

Los Angeles, CA;

Chris Ireland,

Granbury, TX;

Lance Larson,

Marquette, MI;

John Lofflin,

Kansas City, MO;

Victoria Maidhof,

Stoughton, WI;

Dan McCormack,

Accord, NY;

David Morel,

Nashville, TN;

Michael Naify,

New York, NY;

Rachel Nixon,

Vancouver, BC, Canada;

Maureen O'Leary,

Mount Sinai, NY;

Kathryn Rodrigues,

Park Ridge, IL;

Les Schmidt,

New Orleans, LA;

Barney Taxel,

Cleveland, OH;

Jeremy Underwood,

Kansas City, MO.

Nikyra Capson

Karen Commings

Gwendolyn Davies

James Davis

Jane Feely

Alexa Frangos

Jeanne Garrett

Nancy Goodrich

Sharon Heitzenroder

Charles Hively

Cathy Immordino

Chris Ireland

Lance Larson

John Lofflin

Victoria Maidhof

Dan McCormack

Michael Naify

Rachel Nixon

Maureen O'Leary

Les Schmidt

Barney Taxel

Jeremy Underwood

Jo Ann Chaus

Pato Hebert

Kathryn Rodrigues

David Morel