Photographing the visual likeness of a person as well as capturing the genuine quality of someone is a decisive documentation to mark a moment in a persons life. One of the rewarding challenges of portrait photography is to have the ability to viscerally communicate observations of a person and translate that into the photograph. Recording the fleeting moments of mannerisms, expressions and gestures of someone in a click of the shutter is a compelling experience, as time is always changing. The act of observing a moment in time and successfully recording that act by pointing the cameras gaze on someone is one of the most complementary gestures that a person can give. This exhibition represents interesting aesthetic likenesses of people as the focus of the art of portraiture, featuring the human likeness in all of its forms, whether it is a documentary approach, a snapshot genre, if it is a fashion statement, an editorial statement, or simply a straight forward compositional body study, we are exhibiting the photographs of a wide range of people.


Matthew Conboy

Exhibiting Artists:

Matthew Conboy,

Richard Dickson,

John Diephouse,

Ashley Edgerton,


Ted Gordon,

Milton Harris,

Demétrio Jereissati,

Bonnie Johnson,

Luke Jordan,

Dr. David Lancaster,

Jenna Lynch,

Andy Mattern,

Dan McCormack,

James Mitchell,

John Pemberton,

John Potter,

Linda Robinson,

Nancy Rosene,

Les Schmidt,

Richard Stevens,

Thomas VanderMeulen.

Thomas VanderMeulen

Richard Dickson

John Diephouse

Ashley Edgerton


Ted Gordon

Milton Harris

Demétrio Jereissati

Bonnie Johnson

Luke Jordan

Dr. David Lancaster

Jenna Lynch

Andy Mattern

Dan McCormack

James Mitchell

John Potter

Nancy Rosene

Richard Stevens

John Pemberton

Linda Robinson

Les Schmidt



"Fantasy in Reality" celebrates the art of photography and the vibrant culture that surrounds the making of role-play photographs. Through the lenses of talented photographers, this exhibition captures the creativity and passion that go into the act of character creation and the crafting and portrayal of characters taken from various genres, such as fan favorite comics, movies, TV shows, theater, drag shows, video games, music and literature. 

This exhibition will explore not just images of the creations of these talented artists, but also offers a peek "behind the mask," so to speak. Whether it's dress-up in mid-creation of their costume or displaying their finished work at gatherings and meet-ups, showcasing in their element. Each photograph displays the incredible attention to detail and craftsmanship that photographers bring to their costumes and performances. Beyond the visual spectacle, it is this curator's hope that the featured photographs will effectively relay this experience.

We hope that "Fantasy in Reality" will encourage viewers to embrace and discover a new appreciation for the creativity that goes into the act of dress-up, masquerade and role-play photography. This exhibition is sure to delight and inspire.


Exhibiting Artists:

Alexi Berry,

Ron Cooper.

Amy Davis.

Alexi Berry

Alexi Berry

Ron Cooper

Ron Cooper

Ron Cooper

Ron Cooper

Ron Cooper

Amy Davis

Robert George

Alexi Berry

Alexi Berry

Amy Davis