Encompassing the structures of the places we call home, our sanctuaries, and the locations providing places of business where we work and conduct commerce - this is suburban architecture. Buildings bring shape and urban design to the neighborhoods in our towns, cities and the countryside in rural communities. We appreciate the functionality and the visual design elements of architecture in all of its structures, shapes and forms. From the buildings dotting our land to the structures cutting through the earth, to the rooms we use everyday in our homes, architecture provides the most universal necessity of shelter. Many interpretations and styles are represented, from the abstract to the literal to the understated, captured with overview landscape and cityscape shots to the close up details. The exhibition represents varied takes on how urban, suburban and rural architecture shape our world.



Mildred Alpern,

New York, NY;

Swen Bernitz,

Zossen, Germany;

Jenny Carey,

Tampa, FL;

Karen Commings,

Harrisburg, PA;

James Davis,

Fairfield, IA;

Richard Dickson,

London, England, UK;

Brian Edwards,

Santa Fe, NM;

Diego Fabro,

Dublin, Ireland;

Dan Farnum,

Tulsa, OK;

Jane Feely,

Highland Park, IL;

Dirk Fletcher,

Brookfield, IL;

Katie Frankenbach,

Kansas City, MO;

Stephanie Guillen,

Lake Hiawatha, NJ;

Chuck Gustke,

DeForest, WI;

Elena Haliczer,

DeKalb, IL;

Kathleen Tunnell Handel,

New York, NY;

Douglas Hill,

Los Angeles, CA;

Kathryn Jones,

Spearfish, SD;

Elizabeth Kayl,

Loveland, CO;

Anna Kazianka,

Vienna, Austria;

Jeff Larason,

Arlington, MA;

Lance Larson,

Marquette, MI;

Edward Leafe,

San Antonio, TX;

Kent Lufkin,

Redmond, WA;

Justin Martin,

Martin, TN;

Michael Martin,

San Jose, CA;

Simona Hodek Martin,

Los Altos, CA;

Charlie Maxwell,

Austin, TX;

Tim Mickleborough,

Toronto, Ontario, Canada;

Gail Moreland,

Woodstock, IL;

Brieana Myrick,

DeKalb, IL;

Robert Sadin,

Portland, OR;

Les Schmidt,

New Orleans, LA;

Barney Taxel,

Cleveland, OH;

Stephen Curtis Wilson,

Groveland, IL;

Mark Wittig,

Little Rock, AR.

Mildred Alpern

Mark Wittig

Swen Bernitz

Jenny Carey

Karen Commings

James Davis

Richard Dickson

Diego Fabro

Dan Farnum

Jane Feely

Dirk Fletcher

Katie Frankenbach

Stephanie Guillen

Chuck Gustke

Elena Haliczer

Kathleen Tunnell Handel

Douglas Hill

Jeff Larason

Kathryn Jones

Elizabeth Kayl

Anna Kazianka

Lance Larson

Edward Leafe

Kent Lufkin

Justin Martin

Simona Hodek Martin

Charlie Maxwell

Michael Martin

Tim Mickleborough

Gail Moreland

Brieana Myrick

Robert Sadin

Les Schmidt

Barney Taxel

Stephen Curtis Wilson

Brian Edwards