Greta Brubaker

Rob Compton

The calendar year of 2018 marks the 10 year anniversary of the Midwest Center for Photography. In 2008, I made the decision to expand my educational reach from the University to the gallery setting through the curatorial vision of founding and directing the Midwest Center for Photography in Wichita, Kansas.

The dual impetus for creating a gallery space comes from both my strong belief in supporting the art careers of photographers, and in creating a broader awareness and appreciation of photography in the community and the Midwest region by promoting a creative discourse and an educational understanding of contemporary photography. And in doing so, I have identified and fostered the careers of numerous emerging photographers who have produced fresh and deeply insightful photographic work.

During this 10 year period, the Midwest Center for Photography has generously provided exhibition opportunities in a brick and mortar commercial gallery venue for emerging and nationally recognized mid-career artists, as well as featured online sales. Various calls for entries and concept-based exhibitions have been presented ranging from exhibitions encompassing ideas such as photographic interpretations of memory as fragment, the visual imprint of domesticity, features of landscape, and the aesthetic role of photographic processes. Just to name a few of the multitude that have been artfully and logistically curated at the Midwest Center for Photography.

By uniting these 100 featured photographers and various photographic works that I have identified as outstanding and noteworthy throughout the 10 years of exhibitions at the Midwest Center for Photography, I wish to share this collective vision with the larger online audience in this Ten Years of Photographs Online Exhibition. A retrospective exhibition catalogue is produced and available in January, highlighting the distinct curatiorial voice that captures a new collective aesthetic that is uniquely my Midwestern take on America.

Morgan Ford Willingham

Giselle Noelle Morgan

Jennifer Maiotti

Brooklynn Kascel

Rion Huffman

Thomas Ladd

Jacob Moffett

John O'Neill

Brian Sesack

John Hilarides

Molly McCall

Nancy Goodrich

Stephanie Landry

John Deamond

David Welch

Rebecca Foley

Emma Horning

Dan Farnum

Eva Fazzari



Lewis Ablindinger,

Jimmie Allen,

Evan Anderman,

Amy Anderson,

Theodore William Arnold,

Michelle Bablitz,

Lisa Beard,

David Bernstein,

Kayla Bersztaitis,

Amanda Breitbach,

Greta Brubaker,

Christopher Capozziello,

Michael Cardinali,

Kristy Carpenter,

Patti Carroll,

Rob Compton,

Dave Conkling,

Ellie Cooper,

Sara Cross,

Adam Culver,

Jim Davis,

John Deamond,

Miska Draskoczy,

Diane Durant,

Gary Engle,

Dan Farnum,

Eva Fazzari,

Vanessa Filey,

Rebecca Foley,

Emily Franklin,

Nancy Goodrich,

Sam Grant,

Julie Hamel,

Grant Hamilton,

Jim Hammer,

Kathleen Hawkes,

Brett Henrikson,

John Hilarides,

Douglas Hill,

Charles Hively,

Emma Horning,

Benjamin Hoste,

Rion Huffman,

Chris Ireland,

Megan Jacobs,

Paul Jett,

Andy Johnston,

Ethan Jones,

Clay Jordan,

Luke Jordan,

Rachael Jump,

Brooklynn Kascel,

Allyson Klutenkamper,

Eric Kunsman,

Thomas Ladd,

Stephanie Landry,

William LeGoullon,

Molly McCall,

Jennifer Maiotti,

Kelly Malcolm,

Nate Matthews,

Maggie Meiners,

James Mitchell,

Thomas Mitchell,

Jacob Moffett,

Giselle Noelle Morgan,

Joseph Mougel,

Melonie Mulkey,

Maureen O'Leary,

John O'Neill,

Vesna Pavolvic,

Christina Peters,

Amanda Quevedo,

Eric Rennie,

Larry Robinson,

Brad Ruder,

Elina Ruka,

Jacinda Russell,

Lars Samuelsson,

Marisa Scheinfeld,

Brian Sesack,

David Skidmore,

Everett Smith,

Kristina Smith,

Sarah Smith,

Morgan Stephenson,

Peter Stitt,

Sherwin Tibayan,

Samantha VanDeman,

Chris Walker,

Edward Webb,

David Welch,

Ivan Wentland,

H. F. Wetzel,

Brian Widdis,

Rachael Wilbur,

Morgan Ford Willingham,

Johanna Wolfe,

Peter Yankowsky,

Michael Yurgeles.

Sarah Smith

Edward Webb

James Mitchell

Chris Ireland

David Skidmore

Michael Yurgeles

Peter Yankowsky

Maggie Meiners

Kristy Carpenter

Luke Jordan

Johanna Wolfe

Amanda Quevdo

Maureen O'Leary

Allyson Klutenkamper

Lewis Ablindinger

Jimmie Allen

Paul Jett

Amy Anderson

Marisa Scheinfeld

William LeGoullon

Emily Franklin

Nate Matthews

Rachel Jump

Diane Durant

Miska Draskoczy

Thomas Mitchell

Clay Jordan

Vanessa Filey

Joseph Mougel

Ethan Jones

Chris Walker

David Bernstein

Christina Peters

Everett Smith

Kristina Smith

Megan Jacobs

Dave Conkling

Charles Hively

Christopher Capozziello

Evan Anderman

Michelle Bablitz

Brett Henrikson

Sherwin Tibayan

Vesna Pavlovic

Adam Culver

Theodore William Arnold

Kathleen Hawkes

Gary Engle

Patti Carroll

Andy Johnston

Douglas Hill

Ellie Cooper

Julie Hamel

Elina Ruka

Jacinda Russell

Sara Cross

Lisa Beard

Kayla Bersztaitis

Amanda Breitbach

Benjamin Hoste

Peter Stitt

Eric Kunsman

Melonie Mulkey

Morgan Stephenson

H. F. Wetzel

Samantha VanDeman

Brian Widdis

Sam Grant

Grant Hamilton

Larry Robinson

Brad Ruder

Ivan Wentland

Rachael Wilbur

Michael Cardinali

Jim Davis

Lars Samuelsson

Eric Rennie

Jim Hammer

Kelly Malcollm





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