In this changed world the concept of "Walkabout" has taken on new meanings in a quickly shifted context. The simple act of going out walking is a cherished activity while we are isolated. Taking photographs while visually exploring, whether seeking a particular image, or if it's the experience of adventure that is the destination, as photographers we do this. We experience a sense of awareness from exploring our personal surroundings at home, in a town or city on foot, or driving through the landscape. Walkabout is an exhibition showcasing the banality of the everyday. Photographs in this exhibition range from a detailed exploration of a particular location to a visual documentation of one's personal interaction with their surroundings. The act of observing our surroundings through capturing the visual qualities of a location portrays a sense of documenting one's experience. We approach many different ways of describing and documenting location, whether it is exterior or interior space, whether it is captured in detail or from a distance. The works presented in this exhibition encompass what it means to simply examine a sense of place with the medium of photography.



Michael Amato,

Cromwell, CT;

Qais Assali,

Chicago, IL;

David Bartlett,

Farmington Hills, MI;

Bruce Berkow,

New York, NY;

Nicolette Bonagura,

Fayetteville, AR;

Rachael Brittain,

Conifer, CO;

Mike Callaghan,

Toronto, Ontario, Canada

Karen Commings,

Harrisburg, PA;

Spencer Cunningham,

Bowling Green, OH;

Oren Darling,

Warsaw, IN;

Richard Dickson,

London, England, UK

Brian Edwards,

Santa Fe, NM

Jane Feely,

Highland Park, IL;

Larry French,

Culver City, CA;

Michael Gaillard,

Nantucket, MA  & Brooklyn, NY

David Gray,

Wichita, KS;

Douglas Hill,

Los Angeles, CA;

Christine Holtz,

Pittsburgh, PA;

Aylah Ireland,

Bangor, ME;

James Jackman,

Boca Raton, FL;

Kathryn Jones,

Spearfish, SD;

Arnold Koroshegyi,

Toronto, Ontario, Canada;

Maryam Ladoni,

Madison, WI;

Lance Larson,

Marquette, MI;

John Laue,

La Selva Beach, CA;

Edward Leafe,

San Antonio, TX;

Nicole Lenzi,

Baltimore, MD;

Leigh Loranger,

Brooklyn, NY;

Johnny Magdaleno,

Murrieta, CA;

Justin Martin,

Martin, TN;

Christopher Miller,

Crestline, CA;

John O'Neill,

Cloquet, MN;

Thomas Pickarski,

New York, NY;

Eric Rennie,

Cromwell, CT;

Aria Rose,

Washburn, WI;

Jesus Santiago,

Oviedo, FL;

Jim Spizzo,

Scottsdale, AZ;

Barney Taxel,

Cleveland, OH;

Mary Tortorici,

Richmond, KY;

Ed Webb,

Pecos, NM.

Michael Amato

Qais Assali

David Bartlett

Bruce Berkow

Nicolette Bonagura

Rachael Brittain

Mike Callaghan

Karen Commings

Spencer Cunningham

Oren Darling

Richard Dickson

Brian Edwards

Jane Feely

Larry French

David Gray

Douglas Hill

Christine Holtz

Aylah Ireland

James Jackman

Kathryn Jones

Arnold Koroshegyi

Maryam Ladoni

Lance Larson

John Laue

Edward Leafe

Nicole Lenzi

Leigh Loranger

Johnny Magdaleno

Justin Martin

Christopher Miller

John O'Neill

Thomas Pickarski

Eric Rennie

Aria Rose

Jim Spizzo

Barney Taxel

Mary Tortorici

Jesus Santiago

Michael Gaillard

Ed Webb