JUNE 25 - JULY 10, 2021


Flowers in full bloom, or the simple emergence of a blossoming plant is a renewal for the senses after the long winter. The Bloom exhibition celebrates photographs of plant life in all its forms during this spring season of growth. Photographs are featured that are captured through the exploration of nature photography, still-life genres or through approaches of people interacting with floral and plant imagery. This exhibition represents images from a wide spectrum of flora and fauna varieties that are grown and appreciated in our lives.


Mildred Alpern

Nicole Asselborn

Sam Beasley

John A. Benigno

Bruce Berkow

Beth Lemerande

Becky Brinkley

Wayne Budge

Susan Kaufer Carey

Dave Conkling

Ryn Clarke

Nathanael Cox

Debra Crouch

John Diephouse

Julie Derbyshire

Jane Feely

Robert George

Mary Gordon

Ted Gordon

Stephanie Gullien

Liliana Guzman

Diana Hemingway

Kevin Hansen

Elizabeth Kayl

Maggie Hunt

Diane Kravetz

Lance Larson

John Laue

Denise Laurinaitis

Hannah Leasure

Lauren Lopez

Renee Lynn

Mara Magyarosi-Laytner

Kally Malcolm

Diane Nadler

Robbi Montgomery

Sue Oakford

Deborah Ness

Kim Panos

Elizabeth Perdue

Madison Pollihan

Cassandra Ranson

Merry Reimler

Eric Rennie

Susan Richman

Robert Sadin

David Skidmore

Les Schmidt

Dennis Staffne

Lev Spiro

Barney Taxel

Chris Villers

Ned Walthall

Ed Webb

Molly Wood

Charlie Zielinski

Frank Zurey


Mildred Alpern, Nicole Asselborn, Sam Beasley, John A. Benigno, Bruce Berkow, Summer Bhullar, Jessica Bobbett, Becky Brinkley, Wayne Budge, Tuan Bui, Susan Kaufer Carey, Ryn Clarke, Dave Conkling, Nathanael Cox, Debra Crouch, Daniel Daniloff, Julie Derbyshire, John Diephouse, Janki Dodiya, Madison Fairburn, Jane Feely, Jane Flynn, Robert George, Mary Gordon, Ted Gordon, Meg Griffiths, Stephanie Gullien, Liliana Guzman, Kevin Hansen, Diane Hemingway, Maggie Hunt, Bonnie Johnson, Melissa Jongkind, Elizabeth Kayl, David Kors, Diane Kravetz, Lance Larson, John Laue, Denise Laurinaitis, Hannah Leasure, Beth Lemerande, Nicole Lenzi, Lauren Lopez, Renee Lynn, Mara Magyarosi-Laytner, Kally Malcom, Galina Manikova, Robbi Montgomery, Denise Moore, Diane Nadler, Deborah Ness, Robert Nielsen, Sue Oakford, Kim Panos, Hebert Pato, Elizabeth Perdue, Terri Phillips, Madison Pollihan, Cassandra Ranson, Merry Reimier, Eric Rennie, Susan Richman, Russ Rowland, Robert Sadin, Les Schmidt, David Skidmore, Anthony Soares, Lev Spiro, Dennis Staffne, Barney Taxel, Chris Villiers, Ned Walthall, Ed Webb, Molly Wood, Charlie Zielinski, and Frank Zurey.

Summer Bhullar

Jessica Bobbett

Tuan Bui

Daniel Daniloff

Janki Dodiya

Madison Fairburn

Meg Griffiths

Jane Flynn

Melissa Jongkind

Bonnie Johnson

David Kors

Nicole Lenzi

Galina Manikova

Denise Moore

Robert Nielsen

Hebert Pato

Terri Phillips

Russ Rowland

Anthony Soares