JULY 12 - JULY 26, 2019


A celebration of the earth and the elements found within the landscape of the globe. The land and water, the air and fire, each of these elements symbolize different aspects of our world. The manifestation of matter, solid and unmoving in opposition to the continuous movement of the fluid elements, there is much to experience visually and for our senses. We are exhibiting images of the physical land and various interpretations of the elements; aspects from the ground and air found in the wide open skies of the plains and the desert, to the trees and fires of the forest, to the water running across our land to the seas. Photographs portraying representations of all aspects of earth elements, this exhibition features images of this vast land we call earth.




Dustin Adams, Saskia Baden, Allison Baldwin, Terry Barczak, Douglas Barkey, Nancy Bundy, Leslie Carpenter-Holt, Oren Darling, P.K. Das, Mark Dierker, Dubuque, IA; Sarah Eckstine, Nathan Ely, Joyce Ernst, Jeanne Garrett, Kate Frazier, Alexandra Gataeva, John Goddard, Isabella LaRocca Gonzalez, Marian Hill, Conrad Hunziker, Nikki Keeton, David Lancaster, Jenna Lynch, Jackson Nichols, Marija Orlovic, Thomas Pickarski, Stuart Skalka, David Skidmore, Karen Skinner, Gregory Spaid, Kathleen Taylor, David Underwood, and Frank Zurey.

Saskia Baden

Dustin Adams

Allison Baldwin

Terry Barczak

Douglas Barkey

Nancy Bundy

Leslie Carpenter-Holt

Oren Darling

P.K. Das

Mark Dierker

Sarah Eckstine

Nathan Ely

Joyce Ernst

Kate Frazier

Jeanne Garrett

Alexandra Gataeva

John Goddard

Isabella LaRocca Gonzalez

Marian Hill

Conrad Hunziker

David Lancaster

Jenna Lynch

Jackson Nichols

Marija Orlovic

Thomas Pickarski

Stuart Skalka

David Skidmore

Karen Skinner

Gregory Spaid

Kathleen Taylor

David Underwood

Frank Zurey

Nikki Keeton