Heather Brand

MAY 3 - MAY 31, 2019


During the spring season of renewal we celebrate plant life in all its forms. FLORA will feature photographs from a spectrum of plant life and flowers that are grown and appreciated in our lives. Flowers in full bloom, or the simple emergence of a blossoming plant is a renewal for the senses after the long winter. An innate aesthetic appreciation is stimulated through the act of gazing at the fascination of flowers and plant life, and capturing this sensation through photography fulfills our universal quest for beauty. All photographic interpretations are featured; images of flowers and plants from subtle to bold, whether captured through still-life photography or through exploration of nature photography approaches.



Mildred Alpern, John Banasiak, Eli Barnes, Morgan Barrie, Bruce Berkow, Patricia Burgos, Heather Brand, Leslie Carpenter-Holt, Patricia Christensen, Hsien-Chih Chuang, Dave Conkling, Ali Deane, Cathy Doherty, Mitch Eckert, Susan Edgley, Jane Feely, Larry French, Julie Graber, John Goddard, Richard Greene, Carol Hayman, Kristin Holcomb, Wanda Holmes Oliver, Susan Holtz, Alexandria Johnson, Roslyn Julia, Barbara Kantz, Nikki Keeton, Mary-Ellen Kelly, Thomas Ladd, Kathleen Larsen, Michael Loderstedt, John Lofflin, Miriam McAuley, Sri McCarthy, Cyan Meeks, Robbi Montgomery, Nadiya Nacorda, Diane Nadler, Maureen O'Leary, Melissa Parnell, Emilija Petrauskiene, Rachel Girard Reisert, Eric Rennie, Patricia Russotti, Robert Sadin, Jose Salinas, Les Schmidt, Brian Sesack, Bert Shankman, David Skidmore, Monica Soutter, Todd Stewart, Kathleen Taylor, Cherie Truesdell, Chris Villiers, Angela Franks Wells, Dana West, Julie Wiley, Scot J. Wittman, and Frank Zurey.

Frank Zurey

Scot J. Wittman

Julie Wiley

Dana West

Angela Franks Wells

Chris Villiers

Cherie Truesdell

Kathleen Taylor

Todd Stewart

Monica Soutter

David Skidmore

Bert Shankman

Brian Sesack

Les Schmidt

Jose Salinas

Robert Sadin

Patricia Russotti

Eric Rennie

Rachel Girard Reisert

Emilija Petrauskiene

Melissa Parnell

Maureen O'Leary

Diane Nadler

Nadiya Nacorda

Robbi Montgomery

Miriam McAuley

Sri McCarthy

John Lofflin

Michael Loderstedt

Kathleen Larsen

Thomas Ladd

Mary-Ellen Kelly

Barbara Kantz

Roslyn Julia

Alexandria Johnson

Wanda Holmes Oliver

Susan Holtz

Kristin Holcomb

Carol Hayman

Mildred Alpern

John Banasiak

Eli Barnes

Morgan Barrie

Bruce Berkow

Leslie Carpenter-Holt

Hsien-Chih Chuang

Patricia Burgos

Patricia Christensen

Dave Conkling

Ali Deane

Cyan Meeks

Cathy Doherty

Mitch Eckert

Susan Edgley

Larry French

Jane Feely

John Goddard

Julie Graber

Richard Greene

Nikki Keeton