MARCH 1 - MARCH 15, 2019


The vast expanse of land between the East and West coasts may be one that is often overlooked and referred to as "Flyover Country", although there is tremendous pride found in the people of the American heartland and a strong presence of talented photographers. In this exhibition we are looking to identify photographs with an aesthetic that emerges from the land and culture of the center of America through portraits, documentary approaches, and images of place. By curating a boldly Midwestern story through photographs, we hope to expose visual impressions of how ordinary people, familiar land, and domestic environments establish a truth that speaks to America's strengths, fragility, and even its flaws. At a time when urban and rural parts of the United States are becoming more divided, having an avenue for conversation and mutual appreciation through visual narrative is key. Flyover Country will focus on appreciating the beauty, individuality, and vastness of an aesthetic that is uniquely Midwestern American.



Adam Bernard,

Medina, OH;

Julianne Clark,

Tulsa, OK;

Dave Conkling,

Grinnell, IA;

Marilyn Crocker,

Evanston, IL;

Dallas Crow,

St.Paul, MN;

Chel Delaney,

San Antonia, TX;

Meghan Duda,

Fargo, ND;

Lee Fearnside,

Luckey, OH;

Elizabeth Herrmann,

St. Petersburg, FL;

Patricia Howard,

Alexandria, VA;

Una Ingram,

Corte Madera, CA;

Luke Jordan,

Lawrence, KS;

Elise Kirk,

Lawrence, KS;

Jeff Lewis,

Sharon, MA;

James Meldrum,

Beloit, WI;

David Skidmore,

Sister Bay, WI;

Paul Stapp,

St. Paul, MN;

Lynn Whitney,

Waterville, OH;

Eric Zeigler,

Maumee, OH.

Eric Zeigler

Paul Stapp

David Skidmore

James Meldrum

Jeff Lewis

Elise Kirk

Luke Jordan

Una Ingram

Patricia Howard

Lee Fearnside

Meghan Duda

Chel Delaney

Dallas Crow

Marilyn Crocker

Dave Conkling

Julianne Clark

Adam Bernard

Lynn Whitney

Elizabeth Herrmann