The color of green as a subject matter can be photographed from a variety of viewpoints, capturing images of green literally or conceiving photographs conceptually. Ranging from chartreuse to jade to emerald, the primary color of green can be approached in a straight forward manner in all of its tones, tints and shades. The Green exhibition encompasses photographs of a wide range of genre focusing on the hue of green lying somewhere on the color spectrum between blue and yellow. Green can be found in abundance on the earth in the various forms and species of vegetation, ranging from the wide open fields of grass and plant life to the denseness of forests. Also, implications of the symbolism and emotions of green can be explored. Green is seen synonymously as burgeoning, to grow, someone new to a skill, or green can be interpreted psychologically as a person being green with envy for instance, referring to currency, or green can imply environmentalism or the manner in which methods are good for the earth. The photographs in the Green exhibition features various approaches to the concept and color of green.


Shari Ameling

Exhibiting Artists:

Shari Ameling,

Syl Arena,

Cherish Bauer-Reich,

Allen Benson,

Susan Borowitz,

Heather Brand,

Sarah Carson,

Patricia Christensen,

Daniel Daniloff,

James Davis,

John Diephouse,

Dan Farnum,

Marcus Fields,

Joseph Finkleman,

Ashley Gonzalez,

Charles Hively,

Demétrio Jereissati,

Bonnie Johnson,

Forest Kelley,

Thomas Ladd,

Lance Larson,

Debbie Lemasters,

Martin Lennon,

John Lofflin,

Jenna Lynch,

Kally Malcom,

Cynthia Maya,

Dan McCormack,

Diane Nadler,

Deborah Ness,

Fern Nesson,

Tricia Neumyer,

Diane O'Donnell,

Elysia Perkins,

Amy Perlmuttter,

John Potter,

Linda Robinson,

Fernando Salazar,

Les Schmidt,

Richard Schramm,

Meghanne Sennott,

Samuel Spear,

Igal Stulbach,

Emlyn Yoon-Buck.

Igal Stulbach

Syl Arena

Cherish Bauer-Reich

Allen Benson

Susan Borowitz

Sarah Carson

Patricia Christensen

Daniel Daniloff

James Davis

John Diephouse

Dan Farnum

Marcus Fields

Joseph Finkleman

Charles Hively

Demétrio Jereissati

Bonnie Johnson

Thomas Ladd

Lance Larson

Debbie Lemasters

Martin Lennon

John Lofflin

Kally Malcom

Cynthia Maya

Diane Nadler

Deborah Ness

Fern Nesson

Tricia Neumyer

Diane O'Donnell

Amy Perlmutter

John Potter

Fernando Salazar

Les Schmidt

Richard Schramm

Meghanne Sennott

Samuel Spear

Emlyn Yoon-Buck

Forest Kelley

Jenna Lynch

Linda Robinson

Heather Brand

Dan McCormack

Elysia Perkins

Ashley Gonzalez