We look at the behind the scenes of food in the upcoming Kitchen exhibition — takes on the real life scenarios, and the somewhat capricious and gritty side of food preparation. From the roadside diners to the fine dining establishments to the kitchens in our homes, our food system and relationship with food has shifted in this changing world. We go for take out, hit the restaurant where someone else is preparing and serving our meals from the kitchens of our favorite places to eat. We've tried new food trends and new recipes, learned how to bake bread, how to grow vegetables, we have become reacquainted with our appliances and our cooking skills. We have many more dishes to do, messier kitchens yet more satisfying and nutritious meals. We work with what we have in the kitchen for food preparation, we go out to shop for the home table, and often using the kitchen as inspiration we photograph food as subject matter. Images from the kitchen, people interacting with food and places associated with food are what make up the images in this upcoming exhibition. Food styling, assembled still-life shots, images of food as subject matter, photographs using domestic spaces and commercial kitchen places, all approaches to food and food related photography are welcome. Submit photographs for this upcoming exhibition and represent your take on the kitchen.



Ana Bonet,

Jessica Durbin,

Robbin Gheesling,

Cindy Hansen,

Charles Hively,

Rion Huffman,

Lucy Jackson,

Bonnie Johnson,

John Laue,

Liz Long,

Maddie Barton,

Tristan Partridge,

Meg Porter,

Linda Robinson,

Ron Testa,

Dan Weingrod,

Ethan Welch.

Ana Bonet


Jessica Durbin

Robbin Gheesling

Cindy Hansen

Charles Hively

Rion Huffman

Lucy Jackson

Bonnie Johnson

John Laue

Liz Long

Tristan Partridge

Meg Porter

Ron Testa

Dan Weingrod

Maddie Barton

Linda Robinson

Ethan Welch