Bonnie Johnson


The building of personal spaces, the organization of personal objects, and the art of creating a place of comfortable respite is a great necessity of the home. We nest to the thread of homemaking, surrounding ourselves with the individual characteristics that make it personal. Photographs using domestic subject matter, images of people and places we call home, of family, are what make up the images in this exhibition, encompassing a range of approaches to the concept home making. Nesting is an activity with attention to detail regarding home life, one in which is a quintessential domestic act. The act of nesting is the activity to nest, the exhibition will encompass the concept of building a personal space, one in which we call our own.



Amy Anderson,

Minneapolis, MN;

Michael Corthell,

Millis, MA;

Ron Cooper,

Greenwood Village, CO;

Jane Feely,

Highland Park, IL;

Emily Franklin,

DeKalb, IL;

Rebecca Foley,

Saint Joseph, MO;

Ashley Gonzalez,

Wichita, KS;

Kelsey Gossett Dennis,

Wichita, KS;

Julie Graber,

Seattle, WA;

Stephanie Gullien,

Lake Hiawatha, NJ;

Julie Hamel,

Durham, NH;

Kathleen Hawkes,

La Crosse, WI;

Charles Hively,

Brooklyn, NY;

Bonnie Johnson,

Sedgwick, KS;

John Laue,

La Selva Beach, CA;

Iris Lutz,

Chicago, IL;

Ellen Mahaffy,

Eau Claire, WI;

Dan McCormack,

Accord, NY;

Jennifer Murray,

Chicago, IL;

Fern Nesson,

Cambridge, MA;

Reisla Oliveira,

Tuscon, AZ;

Maureen O'Leary,

Mount Sinai, NY:

Matty Palamara,

Ames, IA;

Amanda Quevedo,

Catasauqua, PA;

Eric Rennie,

Cormwell, CT;

Linda Robinson,

Wichita, KS,

Todd Stuart,

Oxford, OH;

Barney Taxel,

Cleveland, OH.

Michael Corthell

Kelsey Gossett Dennis

Linda Robinson

Stephanie Gullien

Charles Hively

John Laue

Fern Nesson

Reisla Oliveira

Kathleen Hawkes

Maureen O'Leary

Ashley Gonzalez

Matty Palamara

Julie Hamel

Amy Anderson

Iris Lutz

Todd Stuart

Dan McCormack

Ellen Mahaffy

Eric Rennie

Emily Franklin

Jennifer Murray

Julie Graber

Jane Feely

Rebecca Foley

Ron Cooper

Amanda Quevedo

Barney Taxel