To view the simple emergence of a blossoming plant or the abundance of flowers in full bloom is a refreshing sight as springtime arrives. The spring season of renewal brings a wide range of flora growing and flourishing after a long winter. The Plant Life exhibition will feature photographs from a wide variety of plant species that are grown year around and appreciated in our lives. Capturing the aesthetics of botanicals through creative photography is a visual appreciation that fulfills our innate sense of beauty. As we celebrate plant life in all its forms, many photographic interpretations are featured in the exhibition; images of flowers and plants from subtle to bold, whether captured through still-life photography or through exploration of nature photography approaches.



Lisa Bang Hoffman,

Ryn Clarke,

David Cook,

John Diephouse,

Meghan Duda,

David Golubock,

Barbara Horler,

Barbara Jacobsen,

Bonnie Johnson,

Melissa Jongkind,

Katie Koerper,

Thomas Ladd,

Jaimie Ladysh,

Lance Larson,

John Laue,

Renee Lynn,

Kally Malcom,

Robert Marin,

James Mullen,

Deborah Ness,

John Pemberton,

Linda Robinson,

Janet Roller Schmidt,

Lev Spiro,

Elizabeth Thomas.

Lisa Bang Hoffman

Ryn Clarke

Elizabeth Thomas

David Cook

John Diephouse

Meghan Duda

David Golubock

Barbara Horler

Barbara Jacobsen

Bonnie Johnson

Katie Koerper

Thomas Ladd

Jaimie Ladysh

Lance Larson

John Laue

Renee Lynn

Robert Marin

James Mullen

Deborah Ness

John Pemberton

Janet Roller Schmidt

Lev Spiro

Linda Robinson

Kally Malcom

Melissa Jongkind